Farewell Readers!

I’ve delayed writing this for a few weeks now. I wanted to be sure.

Part of me is not quite ready to say goodbye to this blog but life has changed a lot from when I first started it and I’m not very good at doing things half way. I’m the type that likes to do things 100% and if I feel like I can’t give it all I’ve got then I’d rather not do it at all.

This blog has served its purpose and I want to thank you for your support! When I started this blog, I was living in a small, rental property. I had one little baby boy to keep me at home but not keep me busy full time. I needed something to pour my energy into so I dreamed about food and recipes. I love to bake so spent hours experimenting with new things. It became my hobby. Stan gave me a camera for Christmas and I actually had time to play around with the settings and watch YouTube tutorials. 😉

Fast forward 3 years and we’re in the process of fixing up our very own home. The landscape needs a ton of work, there is touch up painting to be done, huge projects to tackle this winter…..you get the picture.

We’re involved with the youth at church so rather then laying awake at night dreaming of peach pie (okay, maybe I still do sometimes! Haha) I’m planning the next event or praying for someone.

Not to get long winded or anything but I guess when I look at my priorities in life, this blog just didn’t make it very high on my list. It was fun while it lasted and I enjoyed it but life has filled up and sometimes you have to cut something in order to make room for the more important things in life! Maybe someday I’ll pick it back up.

My little family is so dear to me and I want to be involved in every aspect of their growing up years.

We went camping this past weekend and it was so relaxing, refreshing and fun. It’s times like these that I just want to live in the moment and soak every bit of it up. They are already growing up too fast.

I want to thank Charlene Waldner for contributing her delicious Trim Healthy Mama recipes to this blog. You inspired me with fresh ideas.

I’ll keep the site up for a few more weeks to give ya’ll time if there are any recipes you’d like to print out before it’s shut down.

Thanks again for your support and making this a positive experience for me! – Joy

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls {with salted-caramel glaze}


I’m excited about sharing this recipe with you! I’ve been perfecting it the last couple of months and made them again yesterday for a ladies “book study” group. If a nearly empty pan is any indication of how good they are, then I would say these were a hit! =)
Continue reading “Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls {with salted-caramel glaze}”

Fresh Squeezed Citrus Drink {+Pretzel&Percy}


You want to try something totally refreshing?

This simple 3-ingredient, hand-squeezed juice is just that!

A few weeks ago while I was visiting my family, my dad made this for breakfast and I fell in love with this blend of citruses! Its tangy and sweet and pure juice. It’s perfect for breakfast but also makes a refreshing beverage with dinner or any time of the day for that matter. We enjoyed every bit of this down to the last drop.  Continue reading “Fresh Squeezed Citrus Drink {+Pretzel&Percy}”

Mexican Charro Beans & Rice, Tortillas



So yesterday we had the fun opportunity of having some friends over to teach me how to make authentic Mexican Charro Beans with Rice and the most delicious homemade tortillas. Of course the fellowship was sweet too! I learned so much just from watching Mrs. Trevino & her daughters prepare dinner. Stan and I agreed that they were the very best tortillas we’ve ever had.  Continue reading “Mexican Charro Beans & Rice, Tortillas”

{Individual} Strawberry Pound Cakes


Today was one of those perfectly sunny, gorgeous days that felt like spring! After so many days of cold, the sun was truly therapeutic. I was sitting outside, watching Declan ride his bike when I started dreaming of a fruity dessert for tonight. The more I thought, the more I wanted it.  Continue reading “{Individual} Strawberry Pound Cakes”