Christmas {youth} Banquet


It was a gorgeous night with gorgeous people. The brilliant idea came from Kelsey to plan a Christmas Banquet for the youth. I think it was a success and hopefully to be repeated in years to come. I only wish we would have had a photo-booth set up with all the props that go with it, because everyone came so handsomely and beautifully dressed.


It was a black-tie event. I liked Ralph’s red bow-tie. It felt Christmasy and classy at the same time. Ladies, believe it or not, he’s still single! (Actually, there are a lot of beautiful single people on these photos! =) and I can give every one of them a good recommendation, I’m available if you need to talk. In fact, I actually enjoy giving good recommendations of my friends to potential suitors so it would be my pleasure.)


Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Mushrooms. (recipe located in the savory appetizer section of this blog=)) The filling is good enough to eat with a spoon.


It’s what was for dinner! I didn’t get pictures of the food because we were so busy serving the young people.


Kelsey arranged these beautiful rose/evergreen centerpieces. She’s got talent. All of the decorating that you see was her handiwork. It was beautiful enough for a wedding. All we needed was the preacher!


The table we served! Lovely people. I’ve always wanted to be a waitress and getting to serve with my handsome waiter husband was just about a dream come true.


Joe and Renae served these fine young people. I couldn’t get a picture of this group without someone making a face, so I chose the one with Alex since he kind of deserves it.


Lester and Deborah served these sweet people. See that handsome guy in the purple shirt and silver tie? Well, he’s mine. Not available. Just making that clear.


This good-looking couple (who I’m privileged to call my in-laws!) opened their hearts and every inch of their home to hosts this beautiful banquet. Dad can make a killer prime rib, just sayin’!


The talking competition. Joe organized this…. he put 4 people up on stage and started with giving the one guy a topic (e.g. “The many uses of duct tape” or “Lecture your chickens for not laying more eggs”) It was hilarious to watch. They would talk for 1 minute on their given subject and sit down. The next guy would get his topic and talk for a minute, when they each had their turn, we had a closed eye vote on who gave the best speech.


The gift exchange! Let me tell you, I was blown away by these guys generosity to each other! I thought it was really sweet. They exchanged names a few weeks ahead and went to shopping. I don’t think one person stayed in the $15-$20 range but it was okay because no one got a bad gift. I loved hearing the exclamations of “This is exactly what I’ve been wanting!” It brought tears to at least one persons eyes.




It was a happy night.

…and that’s when we left to go pick up our little guy that was spending the evening with Craig & Mary Strain. So sweet of them to help us out like that and babysit so that we could totally focus on serving and making the party special.

4 thoughts on “Christmas {youth} Banquet

  1. I sure missed being with you all!! It looks as if you all had a wonderful time together!!

    Joy, your comments about all the lovely single people are just too much!

    Love you all!



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