Family Time in the great P.A.


I wanted to post a few pictures from our trip to my family in Pennsylvania before we reach the destination on the second leg of our journey. As you’ll see we had a splendid time as usual! The weather in PA was unseasonably warm when we got there and it felt perfectly delicious after coming from cold/wintry South Dakota. IMG_4592

This place is special to me! I lived in this home for all of 20 years, from the time I was born to the day I said “I do” so many good memories here.


Good pizza made by Mom, Janelle, and Arlan.


This little guy loved grandma’s house!


This younger brother of mine observed the “no-shave-november” and got so radical with it that he carried it into December too. I thought it was hilarious. And his beautiful wifey just grins.

Below are a few snapshots from our time at the cabin!


My lovely lovely parents. Sweet as sugar and so Christ-like in every way. I respect them and am so grateful for all they’ve taught me.


Never a dull moment! Declan is such a little social-bug and loved all the attention!


A few of the men folk.



Andrea lecturing us on “the benefits of having a large maxi van” =) she almost convinced us. Haha.


One of my goals for this cabin time was to beat Anthony in Rook or have anyone top him for that matter. He wins every game he plays and it was about time that he be defeated. My strategy was to take risks like he always does and thanks to some team work between mom and I we accomplished it! First time he’s lost a rook game in years…that’s the only reason I’m broadcasting it because it’ll probably never happen again! =) He’s good.


Donut making time! Its one of our family traditions and a good tasting one too.







One of the guys’ projects with the kids!


Its show time! I recently discovered cooking shows so thats where the inspiration for this came from. Guy Chef’s are always entertaining to watch and these guys totally surprised me with their talent! (I think at least one of them is a bit nervous. =))


IMG_4690 IMG_4700

I gave them all the same ingredients, a few frying pans, and dull knives and set the timer for 35 minutes. When they first started hacking at the potatoes and vegetables, I thought they would never be finished in time but they actually pulled it all together and came up with some amazing looking and tasting dishes!


Times up!


Sara, Alta, and I taste-tested every plate and had a very hard time choosing a winner! They were all so delicious and creative. Arlan’s cheese sauce took his over the top and he won first place.


I didn’t get individual pictures of all the plates but this is Jonathan’s and he came in second. Everything was seasoned perfectly. I don’t think we’ll need to take them baby meals. Haha.


IMG_4623 IMG_4627 IMG_4629

IMG_4610 IMG_4607

And now its on to Tennessee! We are gonna try our hand at Dean and Matron at a 3 week Bible School. Prayers would be much appreciated. =) We’re excited about this opportunity and pray that we could be a blessing to the young people.

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