Bible School {in Tennessee}


Here’s a quick overview of the last month! This royal place is where we spent the first three weeks of January…


…with these beautiful, dear, handsome, sweet, lovely, people. They were a fun bunch of mostly strangers that fast became friends.


They spent many hours studying God’s Word around these tables…listening to gifted teachers explaining and expounding on different topics. Its an opportunity of a lifetime.


I spent two of the three weeks in the kitchen so didn’t get in on every session but was so inspired with what I did hear!


Break times were often spent outside, playing some kind of game…I found out that four-square is not my talent! It was fun but I rarely made it past the first square. If I did, its because they had mercy and didn’t pass the ball my way.


I also found out that I have a very hard time catching the football. So what do I play? I’m starting to ask that question myself.


The windows needed a good washin’ so we made a fun project out of it.


Every evening we gathered for an hour of worship and testimonies. Good times.


IMG_4878And when the weather is just perfectly gorgeous outside, you take a fresh air ride down to the cave and explore for a while.IMG_4898

One big, happy family.



Many good talks and memories by this fireplace!


Prayer and sharing time.



And then one morning we woke up to a winter-wonderland! It felt all cozy inside.


Snow to me, means homemade donuts! Its a tradition. And yes, that beautiful girl behind me is my sister! =) Still available…BUT still young, and happy, and she has a father, and a mother, and a row of brothers to get through.

Need I mention the sisters you’d have to pass by?

Oh, and lots of relatives.

End of story.


Dora and I had great fun working together in the kitchen! I’d say we made a pretty good team. I count it a great privilege to have worked with her and I took the opportunity to ask her lots of questions about everything in life. =) We made some great memories in that kitchen and my life is richer because of it. I still say, that if I would have had any clue that Tapioca pudding is hard to make, I would have made sure she got that job. Lets just say that it was probably the biggest flop of my cooking history. It was bad. Haha. But at least we laughed about it and didn’t serve it twice. 



All dressed up and waiting for the final banquet! =)






The last day we were there, some of the guys (with the help from a few girls) offered to cook breakfast. It was so amazing and perfectly scrumptious. Sara made delicious homemade tortillas and the guys cooked up a bunch of eggs, rice, refried beans and all the toppings to go with burritos.


I had mixed Cinnamon Roll dough the night before and at midnight realized we were completely out of cinnamon. How can you have cinnamon rolls without cinnamon? So I stuck the dough in the fridge and told the guys they’ll just have to figure something out.

This guy, Nate, made the most amazing mocha rolls ever. I told him I’m definitely going home and re-creating the recipe. Somehow he combined cocoa powder and coffee and you can’t ever go wrong with that combination! If I ever get it right, I’ll post it here.




When its a Saturday and snowy and cold outside, this is what we do. String up a line and play some indoor volleyball!


From there, Stan whisked me away to a beautiful place where it was sunny and 65. Florida. Our honeymoon spot! We spent two gorgeous afternoons on the beach, Declan loved every minute of it! It was like little boy heaven.

And on the third day it rained. And rained. And rained. So we shopped, relaxed, and packed our bags to start the 28 hour ride home!

So now its back to the real world. After being gone for 5 1/2 weeks, it feels like all I’ve done is unpack and pay bills. Oh, and do lots of laundry.

I got rather spoiled spending every day with my man and today I missed him terribly. Its not always easy getting back into the swing of things but I know that we are richer people because of the experiences we had and even though we were at the bible school as house parents, I know we grew just as much as the young people did! We count it an honor to have been there and value every new friend we made! =)

6 thoughts on “Bible School {in Tennessee}

  1. I’ve already fallen in love with your blog, Joy, you are a gifted writer and you passion for cooking and baking shines thru’!:) I feel privileged to have spent those three weeks with you and your wonderful family! I miss you guys!

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