Asian Cabbage Salad {THM} +skiing pictures!


When two sisters and two sisters get together in a cabin with their husbands and kiddos it’s a recipe for good food and fun times! We looked forward to this trip for months. It just happened to be smack in the middle of a busy few weeks and for a bit we weren’t sure how we would juggle so many different things….but it ended up being the perfect breather that we needed. Sometimes it’s just good to get away and relax a while. Enjoying God’s beautiful creation both in scenery and friends! We feel richly blessed. Continue reading “Asian Cabbage Salad {THM} +skiing pictures!”

Lemon Poppyseed Cake {with Cream Cheese Frosting}


One of my goals for this blog is to give you simple recipes using basic ingredients that you most likely have on hand. I love browsing through exotic blogs and seeing all the gourmet dishes but half the time I don’t have 2 or 3 of the ingredients or the time to make it so I save the pin to my Pinterest board and often forget about it until a year or two later.

This cake is light and delicious with a touch of lemon and uses all basic ingredients (if you call heavy cream and cream cheese basic =)) so its the perfect go-to when your fridge is feeling empty. The raspberries are fresh from the freezer. Haha. And scattered in such a way that even your child could do this part! Continue reading “Lemon Poppyseed Cake {with Cream Cheese Frosting}”

Créme Brûlée {THM}


This recipe comes to us from Charlene Waldner, my faithful Trim Healthy Mama guest blogger. =) I’ve been craving Créme Brûlée for a few weeks now…basically ever since Stan’s company banquet at a beautiful restaurant in Sioux Falls a few weeks back. They served amazing Créme Brûlée. I can’t wait to give this healthy version a try! I’m sure its bound to be delicious.  Continue reading “Créme Brûlée {THM}”

Healthy, Nutty Granola Bars


This recipe comes to us from my sweet Mom-in-law. It is perfectly healthy and outrageously good. Packed full with all sorts of rich nuts, seeds, toasted oats, dried fruit, and the best part? PEANUT BUTTER! It has a strong peanut butter flavor so if you’re not a fan, back off, and let me enjoy these! =) Continue reading “Healthy, Nutty Granola Bars”