Wollman Family Camping!


The growing family! Three days filled with so many wonderful times. So wonderful in fact, that I totally forgot about my camera most of those days. From volleyball to Barbecued Ribs, to kayaking, and late-night campfire talks, we made memories that will last for a lifetime! Family is the best. And I love that I get to be married into such a fun, crazy, adventurous, large family! =) (Large as in, 9 kids =)) Continue reading “Wollman Family Camping!”

Refreshing Rhubarb Punch


Its rhubarb season! So go get yourself some rhubarb and make this punch. Its refreshing, delightful, and pleasing to the tastebuds. Its got orange and lemon in there as well, plus gingerale to give it some zip. Its fast, its easy, and again, delicious! I got the recipe from my mom and she got the recipe from her sister-in-law about 30 years ago…who got it from who-knows-who. Its one of those timeless recipes that gets passed from generation to generation…and this was before trim healthy mama so the answer is no, its not healthy. But it is made with rhubarb, which makes it sound good! Continue reading “Refreshing Rhubarb Punch”

Hearty Dinner Rolls


Declan is constantly hungry and one of the things he asks for a lot is bread with butter and honey. So we combined a few of our favorite bread/roll recipes and came up with these hearty dinner rolls. The poppy seeds give them a crunch and the sunflower seeds add some great texture. Breads and dinner rolls are one of my favorite things to bake so I’m often experimenting with new recipes and techniques.

Continue reading “Hearty Dinner Rolls”