Olivia Brooke Wollman

IMG_5700 (1)

For those who haven’t heard, let me introduce you to my darling baby girl: Olivia Brooke Wollman. Born to us at 10:48am Saturday, June 4, 2016. 6 lbs 4 oz and 19 3/4 inches long.


Our little family of 4! Declan’s first look at his baby sister…I think she’s captured his heart from day one. 


This little man is so proud of “His Baby!” He’s so protective and sometimes has a hard time sharing his sister even with us! For the first time in his life, he actually slows down long enough to hold and admire her tiny features…counting her toes, and lightly kissing her forehead countless times! Sibling love is such a beautiful thing to watch.



I still can’t believe she’s actually mine. She doesn’t look anything like I imagined her to =) she’s even more angelic than I dreamed.


I’ll spare you the painful details of childbirth. =) If you haven’t pushed out a baby before, just know that it hurts. (wink) But its also so amazing to realize that in only 9 short (but feels very long!) months God created such a perfect little human person.

We have been thanking God over and over for the gift of such a little miracle! She’s perfectly healthy and we are so grateful.

Now please excuse me while I go back to rocking my baby!


5 thoughts on “Olivia Brooke Wollman

  1. I can only imagine how you must be feeling to have a little precious baby girl after a cute little handsome baby boy. May our dear God bless you with all that you need to glorify His holy name.
    The pictures of the little ones are perfect. Love them ❤

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