Easy Bacon Zucchini Boats


I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much zucchini Stan is not only tolerating but actually enjoying this year! 😉 (wink) So, zucchini it is. But hey, anything is good covered in lots of bacon and cheese, right? Continue reading “Easy Bacon Zucchini Boats”

Olivia Brooke Wollman

I am in love with these pictures that my friend Sheryl Wollman took of my beautiful princess. Check out her Facebook page at: Three Winks Photography! She does an excellent job. I can’t wait to hang these on my wall.

My only regret is that my little man child had his own opinion that day and refused to pose for a single picture…it was nap time so instead he was sent to bed. =) 

Thanks again Sheryl! I will treasure these for a lifetime.


Peanut Dark-Chocolate Granola Bars


If you follow my blog at all, you know by now that I’m a huge fan of peanut butter and homemade granola bars! Combine that with dark chocolate and you have something amazing.

Sioux Falls just opened an Aldi grocery store and I am in love. You can’t beat their prices! I’ve been buying things that I normally can’t justify. I picked up a box of granola bars that I intended to pack in Stan’s lunch but boy oh, when I tasted those things, I knew they were for me! The box of 6 bars was gone way too fast so I kept it for the ingredient list and decided to come up with my own version…and I love them all the same or even more because homemade is always better, right?  Continue reading “Peanut Dark-Chocolate Granola Bars”