Youth Christmas Banquet 2016


It was a beautiful night. And a tasty night. A few details and credits before I let pictures tell all.

Photo Credits: Abigail Trevino – I was more than happy to place my camera back into the bag and leave it to the professional. =) If you’d like to see more of her work check out her Facebook page at:

Hosted by: The Helmuth Family –  Thank ya’ll so much for opening your beautiful home to us. It was perfectly lovely and I know you guys worked hard to make this area ready for us and then put it all back together after we left.

Decorating Team: Kelsey Knox and Naomi Waldner – You two did so much and totally blew me away with how beautiful it was! You’ve got talent.

The Cooks: Sharon Waldner, Crystal Waldner, and Yours Truly. – Last but definitely not the least as the food was a major part of our evening. Thanks Ladies! I couldn’t have done it without you.

On the Menu for Appetizers were: Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms, Antipasto Skewers, and Red & Green Grapes.

Bruschetta and an Olive Garden Salad were served next along with our Make-Your-Own Italian Soda bar. The soda bar was so fun and seemed to be the hit of the evening….definitely keeping this on my lists of things to do again when I’m hosting.

The main course was Chicken & Shrimp Alfredo and Steamed Broccoli.

We topped it off with delicious Creme Brûlée and Tiramisu Toffee Torte. And not to forget Leonard’s freshly roasted and brewed coffee.


4 thoughts on “Youth Christmas Banquet 2016

  1. Hello, Joy! The youth banquet looks lovely! I was wondering about the soda bar- what all did you use for that? It sounds interesting & we need something different to add to our supper we are having on Sunday night with Jordan’s friends. So, if you don’t mind sharing some details….. it would definitely be appreciated! Missed you this past Sunday at the Weaver’s dinner! Blessings, Karen Hurst (Mrs. Gerald)


    1. Hi Karen! So sorry I only saw this now. We got a few different flavored syrups (strawberry, raspberry, mango and lime were the favorites!) and you add some of that around 3-4 pumps to your glass. Add ice. Sparkling water and a little heavy whipping cream. Stir with a straw and taste! Add more syrup if you need it sweeter. We also had a bottle of the whipped cream that you could top your soda with that. The syrups we bought from a restaurant store and the sparkling water can be found at Walmart. It was really fun! Wish we could have been at the Christmas gathering…would have been so nice to see everyone again! Merry Christmas. Joy


  2. Just wanted to add something about the Italian sodas…we have discovered that we can make our own syrups!! We make ginger and triple Berry, both are very yummy. It’s really simple just sugar water and whatevery fruit u want and boil it until thickened😄. Also we add pineapple juice to the drink, it adds a great flavor. Just thought I’d share that with whoever is interested! BTW thank u for sharing those pictures . I love your blog Joy!!!

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