Gratitude Monday

After re-reading my last blog post {concerning hospitality} I realized how ungrateful it sounded. In an effort to be ‘real’ about life and share the exact thoughts that have been going through my head the last few weeks, it sounded much more negative on paper than I ever meant it to be. True, this house is a work in project and probably will be for many years but its become HOME. So, today I thought I’d share a few specific things about our place that I’m thankful for. 


#1 on my list is this living room. Its quite a bit larger than our previous living room and I’m enjoying the extra space for hosting guests. (I’m sorry if the scattered toys bother you but thats life around here today!)

#2 is the large window that lets in lots of natural light and warm sunshine-chasing all winter blues away.


#3 would have to be the attached garage. Its been my lifesaver with a small baby and cold, windy days. I don’t want to ever live in SD again without one. =)

#4 the kid’s bedroom plus the extra office space. Our rental house only had 1 bedroom on the main floor with another tiny room that barely fit Declan’s crib and our office desk. We are loving all the space of having 3 rooms on one floor!


Stan built these shelves in the kids’ closet. Perfect for all the toys, teddies, extra diapers, and clothes.


#5 running water and flushing toilets in here. In due time this tile on the walls will come crashing to the ground and thats another thing I’m thankful for. 😉


#6 more than enough cabinet space! Not my dream kitchen but…………….I spend a lot of time in here and its been good. Most times tasty too. 


#7 the loves that make this place home! All the heart eyes on these.

I could mention every room in the house because we are thoroughly enjoying this place but I’m not giving a home tour right now.

Getting to spend everyday here with the ones I love is a greatest joy of all. 


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