Fresh Squeezed Citrus Drink {+Pretzel&Percy}


You want to try something totally refreshing?

This simple 3-ingredient, hand-squeezed juice is just that!

A few weeks ago while I was visiting my family, my dad made this for breakfast and I fell in love with this blend of citruses! Its tangy and sweet and pure juice. It’s perfect for breakfast but also makes a refreshing beverage with dinner or any time of the day for that matter. We enjoyed every bit of this down to the last drop. 


I don’t think I’ve ever had this combination before…I chalked it down in my memory as something I need to make a lot more often. It tastes delicious, feels healthy, and gives you a giant burst of Vitamin C.


This amount of fruit makes 3 medium sized glasses.

Grab 6 oranges, 1 grapefruit, and 1 lime. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, pour into glasses and serve over ice! It’s as simple as that.



It’s the beginning of warm sunshine and we are so thrilled about this change of season.

I wanted to introduce ya’ll to Pretzel & Percy: the new Etsy shop that my talented Mom-in-law recently opened up! She makes beautiful head bands of all colors, shapes, and sizes. As well as crocheted hats and Amigurumi teething toys (yup, I didn’t know what those were either but Olivia loves hers!).

Check out her shop at:

The pictures of Olivia are with two of the headbands that mom makes. I just love that leather bow! Every little girl needs a few of these. =)

Also, the little duck that she’s holding is the Amigurumi teething toy. Worried about it getting dirty? You’ll want to know that it is completely washable and can be thrown in the machine with all of your other baby’s things!

Need a baby gift for that new little bundle? Pretzel & Percy might just be your answer!

Have a great weekend!

Ps. Do yourself a favor and make this drink.


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