All about that mom life!


 “Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in, it’s what God gave you time for!”

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Gratitude Monday

After re-reading my last blog post {concerning hospitality} I realized how ungrateful it sounded. In an effort to be ‘real’ about life and share the exact thoughts that have been going through my head the last few weeks, it sounded much more negative on paper than I ever meant it to be. True, this house is a work in project and probably will be for many years but its become HOME. So, today I thought I’d share a few specific things about our place that I’m thankful for.  Continue reading “Gratitude Monday”

Confessions from a distracted Mom


The wake-up call came when my son kept bringing me my phone. I started to wonder, “Man, doesn’t he think I can live without this thing?” Most likely he was just trying to be helpful but it made me stop and think and I realized its about time to hit the reset button on this whole electronic thing. Continue reading “Confessions from a distracted Mom”

A lesson from my child


Last night God spoke to me through my child. I woke up to his whispers in the night “Mommy, mommy, I’m wet!” I rolled over and looked at the clock reading 3:21. He had wet his bed and needed a complete changing. After I had him all cleaned up, he asked to snuggle with me in our bed “Just for a little bit” he said. So that’s what we did.

After snuggling for a while I tucked him back into his own bed and as I lay on my own I began to think. I realized that that’s how I come to God. So many times. Needing cleansing. I mess up. I come to Him again, begging for forgiveness…needing help. Needing a washing.

So often Declan wakes up thirsty in the middle of the night and comes asking for water. I know the analogy is not perfect because I am human, getting tired and easily frustrated and God is the total opposite of that. He never grows tired or sleeps. But I think its still such a beautiful thought that just as I get up and give my son water, night after night. So, we come to God. Asking for water. Begging to have our thirst quenched. And He fills us! Time and time again. He fills us. He showers us with His love. We are filled. We are washed. We are cleansed!

That’s what I felt God speaking to me through the life of my child. We love our little ones so much and would do almost anything for them but God loves us so much more!

Have a blessed weekend!

Youth Camp-Out


I love these people! Youth camp-out was a success I’d say. The weather was perfect…warm sunshine during the day with chilly nights that made you want to pull in a little closer to the fire. Lots of great memories were made and marshmallows were roasted.

I may not be the most observant person I’ve ever met but I loved watching these young people and the different gifting that each one has. I can’t wait to see what God is gonna do with this beautiful group of people. You’ve got the servant-that is found quietly picking up trash or bringing someone coffee, then there’s the conversationalist-that is constantly starting great discussions with a small group around them that everyone wants to be apart of, the listener-simply being a sounding board for those around them, the cheerful one-making everyone’s day, the giggly one-who’s laughter is contagious, the musical ones-who play guitar and mandolin getting the crowd singing, the observant one-who notices when someone needs a hug, the thankful ones and the list goes on and on….each one is gifted differently and that is why we need each other.

A weekend like this is only a success if everyone gives of their talents, gives a little of themselves, gets a little vulnerable and opens up. I’m so thankful that we have such a great group of young people that give 100%. I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend together! But oh, I ate way too many cookies! Haha

Here are a few snapshots of our time. 


This dear lady pulled more than her share of the load….let’s just say that she is amazing!


Football can get intense with this many guys.


Two of our chefs!


…and another great cook! =) She makes the best granola, just saying!


Morning faces with that first mug of coffee.

I was so thankful for this pop-up on the chilly nights…thanks to a great friend for letting us borrow it!


No one was exempt from clean-up duty.


Leonard kept these pots full of fresh coffee all the day long. We went through pounds of it!


While his wife kept everyone full and happy…they make a great team!


This guy….be still my beating heart.


There was no lack in cute babysitters all weekend long! =)


Yogurt parfaits…one of my favorite things in life!


Saturday evening Daniel Esh came and shared on the Kingdom of God. It was really good but I ended up in the pop-up with Olivia during most of it. She did super well the entire weekend but of course there were times when she just needed some quiet.


Sunday morning we had a time of worship and then Lester led in a study of the book of Esther. It was an open discussion and very interesting to learn some history that I hadn’t known before.


And that’s a wrap!

Life is best when shared with friends…lets have a repeat of this event again next year.