Granola Bars {THM}

Since we love granola bars around here we decided to give you a healthy version too. Thanks to Charlene for this Trim Healthy Mama recipe! I love pumpkin seeds and they are especially fitting for this time of the year.

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Chocolate Pecan Bars {THM}


If there ever was a recipe you Trim and Healthy Ladies need to make tonight yet, its this one! These showed up on my doorstep earlier this week and were they ever amazing! Charlene made them and had them delivered. How sweet is that?

Stan was gone for a day so I almost single-handedly ate the entire pan. When he did get to try them, lets just say, there weren’t too many left! Haha. But he told me I must get the recipe. Continue reading “Chocolate Pecan Bars {THM}”

Asian Cabbage Salad {THM} +skiing pictures!


When two sisters and two sisters get together in a cabin with their husbands and kiddos it’s a recipe for good food and fun times! We looked forward to this trip for months. It just happened to be smack in the middle of a busy few weeks and for a bit we weren’t sure how we would juggle so many different things….but it ended up being the perfect breather that we needed. Sometimes it’s just good to get away and relax a while. Enjoying God’s beautiful creation both in scenery and friends! We feel richly blessed. Continue reading “Asian Cabbage Salad {THM} +skiing pictures!”

Créme Brûlée {THM}


This recipe comes to us from Charlene Waldner, my faithful Trim Healthy Mama guest blogger. =) I’ve been craving Créme Brûlée for a few weeks now…basically ever since Stan’s company banquet at a beautiful restaurant in Sioux Falls a few weeks back. They served amazing Créme Brûlée. I can’t wait to give this healthy version a try! I’m sure its bound to be delicious.  Continue reading “Créme Brûlée {THM}”

Layered Taco Dip {THM}


I first had this amazing Layered Taco Dip at my friend Crystal’s house on a cozy Sunday evening visit. I could not stop eating. It was so good. So I asked for the recipe. A few weeks later, her sister Charlene sent these pictures and recipe for the blog. I was delighted as it should be spread far and wide.  Continue reading “Layered Taco Dip {THM}”

Strawberry Dream Dessert {THM}


Okay so I had this the other week at Charlene’s house and then again at our church picnic and it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Charlene brought it as a treat especially for the Trim-Healthy-Mama ladies (not sayin’ I am one of those ladies) but I knew it was going to be posted here on my blog and I figured the more I eat of it, the better I can describe its goodness. Good logic, right?

I thought so too.

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