Raspberry Cheesecake Muffins


When a friend meets me after church with a container of freshly picked raspberries and says, “Just because I’m thankful you’re my friend” it calls for baking something special. Raspberries are my favorite and I hope to have bushes of my own someday. I love friends and was reminded how a simple gesture like that can totally make someones day. Thanks Diane for spreading sunshine! Continue reading “Raspberry Cheesecake Muffins”

Layer Lemon Dessert {THM}


Here is another mouth-watering, jaw-dropping, Trim Healthy Mama dessert brought to you from the kitchen of Charlene Waldner!┬áIts layers are light, refreshing and so pretty! Continue reading “Layer Lemon Dessert {THM}”

Raspberry Shortbread Cookies


These buttery thumbprint cookies are to indulge on! They are truly more amazing then words or pictures can describe. I never dreamed that such a simple, basic recipe could result in such a sophisticated flavor. Continue reading “Raspberry Shortbread Cookies”

White Chocolate Raspberry Danish


  1. The inspiration for this recipe came from a great friend of mine, Liz. I was drooling over pictures that she posted on FB a few weeks back of Strawberry Danishes that looked out of this world amazing and knew that I had to try them ASAP. The sooner the better. So I did. I couldn’t wait. I was not disappointed! I made them again and changed the recipe up a bit.

Continue reading “White Chocolate Raspberry Danish”